hey guyes we haev sum new rools lol

hear at blogton usa we r no udner new editership (iz OK don b wurrie) but stil we haev a cuple new rools 4 teh guyed of stilin fyi ty

  • 1. at blogton we liek to sound leik were from the USA (bcuz we r lol) but we dunt awnna sound liek a borin journalismser or a gwaker blogga or summat so jus tyep like u wuz textin cuz it maeks errybudy feel cumfterbul like u r a pal
  • B) iz kewl wen thigns r big; iz kewler wen things r masive. so say massiev leik alot.
  • massive ty

  • -3 strikthru is cool strikthru is raelly cool use strikthru alot Alot /del>

but mostly jus b cool n b urself k? ty

blogtown usa yes we have style guyed ys

blogtown usa colon a guide to stylin' it up lol

many ppl r askin 4 a blogtwn U.S.A styles guide after tht 1st viral poast so here u go, ty:

  1. • haev style plz ty
  2. •. NO CAPS TY
  3. • if u has questins pls donut be afrayed 2 ask 'em ty
  4. •curtesy
  5. • reel stile is all abt how u ware it, gurl (or guy! who can also haev stiles)
  6. •ty
  7. •. b urselve